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The Benefits

Added Value Consultation Services

QMiS provides cost-effective BPO (Business Processing Outsourcing) such as software solutions for people, business processes and enterprise platforms. QMiS Systems provides methodology based solutions that compliments infrastructure designed to evolve with growing business needs. All our solutions are provided with User-friendly dashboards so that clients can easily access information. 

Post Implementation Support Services

Once a project goes live and the project implementation team has left, QMiS Systems continues its support for continuity. Your implemented project needs continued support to ensure smooth transitions.

The QMiS Systems experience provides competent post-implementation support services. Tap into the well-trained and qualified team to maintain workflow and technology support.

Providing Automation and Scalability Cloud

Rapid globalization of businesses, standardization of processes, and the need for scalability to respond quickly to operational and strategic changes are driving adoption to cloud technologies.


The QMIS Systems team provides solutions on all cloud types – public, private and hybrid environments. Outsource the capability to manage complex integration projects including testing of applications and other components while ensuring a smooth integration and implementation.

Re-engineering, Migration and Upgrade Services

Rapid digitization of businesses models and evolving customer demands require changes in companies from legacy systems to adopt advanced technologies. However, these migration processes and integration of systems, database and applications come with their own set of challenges. Outsource to a BPO for affordable capability and deep domain experience to execute such migration projects.

Managing Processes in Budget

Organizations have a growing number of internal projects with limited resources. We understand the importance of budgets and operational priorities of organization. QMiS Systems is committed to quality so that procurement and purchase orders receive the value from its trusted vendor.

THE QMiS Advantage

QMiS Systems was founded by career military officer who has 20+ years in growing companies. The leadership is well versed and specializes in being a service provider for businesses as an outsource vendor.  It is easy to adopt known processes, technology, and industry knowledge that works.

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