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About QMiS Systems

QMiS Systems was founded in 2013 by its CEO Tommy A. Duncan.  Tommy owns and manages multiple enterprises in different industry sectors. QMiS Systems was created and engineered to provide organizations with affordable software development and back-office support. It is the mission of QMiS Systems to provide critical business activities for an organization.


Currently, QMiS Systems serves clients by providing software development and shared service process solutions. Over the years, QMiS has managed the re-engineering organizational enterprises platforms. QMiS continues to developed programming code for proprietary platforms over continents and different industries.

Knowledge. Technology. Workflow. Solutions.

Our Vision

To empower organizations to be strategic with their efforts by providing cost-effective outsourcing software development and Business Processes Outsourcing (BPO) Shared Services solutions.


QMiS Systems is an USA owned company with offshore resources if needed.  The offshore resources are able to perform software development and shared services processes which are managed Kochi, India.


QMiS Systems provides organizations with the managed resources and project management tools to achieve operational goals.


In a global business environment, more organizations are opting to use offshore resources in supporting roles because of the additional value, potential for cost reductions, and a shortage of affordable labor.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Provide software development and back office support to businesses across the globe so they may focus on core strengths by leveraging efficiency through cost-effective solutions that  drive revenues.

THE QMiS Advantage

Results that matters backed by "real" experienced leadership with proven success. A company that  understands customer service and understands the meaning of doing the right thing. 

Kevin Copeland

Special Projects Leader - Video Producer

Tommy A. Duncan

Chief Executive Officer

Claudia Duncan

First Senior VP and Marketer QMS / QMiS

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Brito George


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Boby Thomas

Executive Director

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