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Photo of Tommy Duncan
Tommy A. Duncan

Chief Executive Officer

Tommy A. Duncan has been with QMiS since its inception in 2013. Tommy has been a vital part of the vision, growth, strategy and technology development of the company. He is directly responsible for the engineering of the shared services provided by QMiS Systems.  Tommy has engineered enterprise platforms, automated workflows and processes. Tommy’s analytical intelligence of trending processes has resulted in advising companies in cost saving and productivity.


Tommy holds a Master Degree of Science in Aerospace from Middle Tennessee State University. Tommy is a high ranking Special Forces Officer and Veteran of foreign wars with over 33+ years of proud service to his country.


Tommy understands the value of well-engineered processes and necessary tasks to support a corporation’s critical nodes and verticals. Tommy went to Kochi, India, a Tier 3 city, after 20 years in the mortgage industry and started QMiS Systems for the intentions of supporting industries work flows. Shared services BPOs do not need to understand the  industry. They just need to understand the expectations of the final product and the means to complete the tasks.

Photo of Claudia Duncan
Claudia Duncan


Claudia joined the company in November of 2012 after husband CEO of QMiS Systems, Tommy Duncan, convinced her to leave her glamorous career as Director of Marketing and Publicity for the international Spanish Division of Thomas Nelson Publishers, now Harper Collins Christian Publishers.


Claudia currently manages the marketing/sales and public relations efforts for the company. During her time at Thomas Nelson, Claudia managed several brands, built comprehensive, smart and revenue driven marketing plans and strategies. She also worked very closely with the sales team to implement synergies between teams, authors and clients.


Claudia’s strong people skills, leadership, creativity, organizational, and communication skills make her a strong asset to the executive management team as QMiS Systems continues to pursue great things.


Claudia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix and a B.A. in Applied Ethics from David Lipscomb University. Graduate of Lipscomb University Chief Executive Officer Fellowship.

Photo of Brito George
Brito George


Brito has more than a decade of industry experience in the banking and financial services industry. He has strong knowledge of the tecchnology life cycle and quality management of processes. He co-directs the offshore operations of QMiS Systems. He has been instrumental in business development and operational support to the initial business set-up of various banking and financial institutions which are of international repute. He holds a postgraduate degree in Business Economics.

Photo of Boby Thomas
Boby Thomas

Executive Director

Boby began his career by working with one of India's leading NBFC companies. He has hands on experience in U.S. property insurance, investment banking, and U.S mortgage BPO, (Business Process Outsource) operations. He holds a postgraduate in Business Commerce with emphasis in Finance. Boby has worked with leading outsourcing companies and has strong exposure to data integrity and analysis in Mortgage Backed Securities. 

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